Steve Webb is A Birmingham native and his parents Briand and Patricia raised him there. He attended Dartmouth high school before pursuing a degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford. His first career move was a role with the Institute of Fiscal Studies which is located in London. His role there was researching poverty, taxes as well as benefits. This lead him to become a professor of Social Policy.

Image result for Politics and Economics at OxfordSteve Webb had a passion for helping people, especially those who were or are less fortunate than him and others. His career was almost entirely dedicated to the welfare of others, and his passion for helping and making change made him a refreshing addition to the political landscape.

It was actually argued that keeping Webb in politics as the minister of pensions was actually one of the best things that could have possibly happened to politics. Unfortunately for Webb, the concept of assembling governments and the associated structures means that when there is an election, there can be and often is a complete overhaul of the ministers as well, meaning that we lose valuable expertise and knowledge and momentum that existing ministers may have built up.

Many have tried (and no one has yet succeeded) in creating a system whereby good ministers aren’t wasted or lost to an election and bad ones can be filtered out. This is especially true when it comes to the more controversial ministries, such as pensions. Many, including the pension industry giants themselves, would argue that Webb disserviced the industry and caused a level of chaos, while others argue that he has created a simpler and much clearer system resulting in a more fair system that individuals nation wide will be positively impacted by.

Steve Webb’s work, if he does not return, will hopefully be carried on so to move his legacy and his system forward and allow a more transparent and efficient system for those who need it most. His flaws and the mistakes he has made including an overly ambitious plan to get involved in the annuity industry, have been entirely overshadowed by his great successes, which is more than what can be said for many other politicians.

Another great thing about Webb is his personality, those who know him and those who may just know of him, appreciate his balanced mind and his sense of humour. His passion for helping others is both evident and infectious. He is even liked in the most prestigious pension circles. He may be one of the more underrated Liberal ministers, with less credit and publicity than others.

His passion isn’t and cannot be faked as his work ethic and political spirit is created and upheld by fully investing himself, his mind and his skills into his work and into his platform. His investment means that he has his head down and is working in order to put his ideas into practice, which leaves him little time to begrudge his fellow liberals for not giving him the praise he so rightly deserves and should be given.